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Tours & Activities

Enjoy the stunning sight of the sky’s continual change of colours reflected on the sea, as you cruise on the ocean, listening to the sounds of nature.
A wonderful way to see the sun setting over the Francois Peron National Park in this amazing World Heritage Area

Monkey Mia Sunset Cruise

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Step aboard Aristocat2 for a quick cruise around nature’s aquarium in search of dugongs, sponging dolphins, loggerhead or green turtles, manta rays and other amazing and endangered marine life. 8+ PASSENGERS (Designed for coach lines and group excursions on limited time)

Monkey Mia Marine Life Mini Cruise

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Step aboard Aristocat 2 in search of Dugongs, Dolphins and other endangered marine life.

Monkey Mia Marine Life Cruise

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Enjoy some Fresh N Wet fun

Fresh N Wet Cruise

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Enjoy your time in Shark Bay with this fantastic value cruise combination that includes a free Sunset Cruise

Monkey Mia Marine Life and Sunset Cruise Combo

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